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Hooper Engineered Vessels International was built on over 50 years of commitment to technological advances and investment within the company. As customers and their projects continue to demand greater complexity in size, thicknesses, materials and metallurgy, Hooper has continued to support the changing tides of industry. The challenges are met by dedicated people whom are ready to innovate and solve the problems associated with the dynamic marketplace. Through the development of procedures, addition of equipment, expansion of facilities and the investment within our people, HEVI develops a solution that works.

HEVI staffs professionals and experts to provide the best products through its skilled design engineering, drafting and comprehensive weld procedures. The comprehensive technical staff of engineers is capable of providing mechanical design calculations, thermal design calculations, finite element analysis and construction drawings using the latest engineering programs available.

Through the use of a variety of carbon steels, chrome moly steels, stainless alloys, clad product, weld overlay and exotic materials, HEVI has the ability to manufacture to your most stringent service requirements. Years of experience allow hundreds of weld procedures and weld processes to be available at our fingertips. With constant changes to metallurgy, new weld procedures and processes are added on an ongoing basis to support each unique customer and project.

HEVI has a complete staff of professionals capable of handling your every need. From design, engineering, logistics planning to project management, we have the ability to produce and deliver projects large or small to your exact requirements.