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Company Profile

Hooper Engineered Vessels International (HEVI) was founded on the belief that customers need greater value for the investments they make in their projects.

Customers have the desire to see pressure vessels and process equipment support more volume and more demanding process conditions. To support this, the equipment must get larger, heavier and more complex to support the construction of heavier custom steel fabrications. The equipment is extremely laborious to build and the facilities need to be suitable. The HEVI facility fulfils these requirements by having an increased door size, a longer crane height and a heavier crane capacity while providing immediate access to a waterway.

In 2008, Hooper Welding committed to building a facility to support the manufacturing of the large, heavy custom pressure vessels and process equipment for the customers we service. With over 50 years of expertise, in the design and construction of pressure vessels and custom steel fabrication, the birth of HEVI was a perfect complement to the clients and projects serviced. No other facility in North America offers the full complement of the HEVI facility.

HEVI is located on 5 acres of land in the Hamilton Harbour, Pier 26, Hamilton, Ontario. There is over 500 feet of immediate deep water dock for barge and ocean shipments. Through the Great Lakes Water System, there is access to the Mississippi River, Southern United States, Atlantic Ocean and the World. HEVI is focused on offering only the finest quality product and satisfaction to our customers safely and to the highest international standards. From our doorstep to yours, we can deliver!